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Brian's Place Food Shoot

One of our favorite local restaurants, Brian's Place, has worked with us a number of times on food photo and video shoots. We always enjoy working with Chef Brian. His work ethic and drive are contagious, and as such, we really enjoy bouncing ideas off each other.

While he's a local favorite, we discussed doing what we could to ensure the photos representing his products matched the incredible quality and thoughtfulness that comprised his dishes. While Brian was at first skeptical, after the first few photos, he started to really understand the value we brought to showing the quality that is Brian's Place. We had a few comedic moments when we "touched up" his perfectly cooked pork chop and sprayed his best steak dish with glycerin, but that's all part of keeping food looking fresh throughout the shoot. We aren't a company that uses play dough for potatoes or motor oil for syrup, but we will liven up a dish when it starts to die on the plate.

As more consumers move to looking for their next meal online, businesses should be focusing on how to stand out in the sea of information. How do we start that journey? By presenting incredibly delicious looking dishes in high quality photos with expert lighting. From there, you'll have to stay tuned on how we incorporate video to bring more personality to your advertising and invite the customers in to get an idea of what they can expect from a visit to your place of business.

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