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Carving Up Our Fish Carving Video

We recently teamed up with Brian’s Place, a local restaurant in Hernando Beach to produce a series of videos to highlight different aspects of his restaurant. We have previously taken a number of food photos, created digital advertisements, and assisted him with audio for Facebook Live sessions. We sat down with him and discussed how we can take that to the next level with high end videography. Over the next few weeks, we will be shooting a series of videos geared at doing just that. We are starting in the kitchen with one of his most well-known features – fresh fish.

Chef Brian is known for his fresh caught local fish, which often include Snapper, Grouper, and Cobia. We shot a series of videos encapsulating all of those fish, where he breaks down how he fillets a fish and how he prepares the fish for feature menu items. We shot this in a stripped-down video style using 3 angles – a front-facing angle of Chef Brian talking to the camera, a top-down view of the fish carving, and a side view that captured a lot of both of the above. These scenes helped emphasize different portions of the video, and give a truly immersive look at how Chef Brian prepares his fish. We also used two great Rode microphone setups to record not only his voiceover, but also to get good audio of the carving process taking place. To give some nice, complimentary lighting in the kitchen, we threw a panel light up to give some contrast across the shot as well.

Videos like this are important for a business to produce for customers; this doesn’t mean only showing food prep in a restaurant though. This can mean showing how a roofer preps a roof, how a mechanic changes brakes, how a realtor stages and markets a home, or any number of other professions. What is important is not the what but the how; how you deliver a premium product every time, and how you are different or better than your competitors.

Writing blogs and posters are great for name recognition, but as things get more and more digitally-driven, video is proving to be king. This can be short-form video (as we will display soon), or longer form videos like this. Finding new and creative ways for you to connect with your customer is imperative in a world of market saturation. Remember, anything that appeals to more than one sense has been proven to not only entice more customers, but ensure those customers remember your brand and product.

Using this video as an example, how many restaurants in this area have shown food prep, much less carving up a grouper? People depend a lot on testimonials, because they can't see behind the curtain without going there or buying a service. The next best thing is asking the community. What we aim to do is to bridge that gap, and provide a means to see more about a business without having to commit immediately.

We have produced these videos for hundreds of companies over the last 11 years, and would be happy to discuss what we think would help connect with your customers and bring you to the next level as well. Contact us today for your free consult!

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