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Preparing For Your Consultation

When booking a consultation with Skill Capture Media, we aim to not only schedule a photography session; we aim to get an idea of how we can plan our shoot, lighting, backgrounds, and editing to best address your needs. We are experts in personal and corporate branding, and simply want to make sure that your goals are met. Often times, we think of things that you may not consider when planning the photos you need taken. As such, we wanted to give you a few things to think about prior to our consultation.

The details are going to be key, not only for you to have your expectations met, but to ensure we bring the equipment needed to satisfy your needs the day of the shoot. If you are looking for headshots or portraits, consider the look you want. Find examples of the aesthetic you’re hoping to accomplish. Send those to us at to ensure that we know exactly what you’re thinking. Some things to consider:

  • Think about backdrops – we typically have white, grey, black, and orange available. If you want something else, let us know in advance and we can probably order it for your shoot. If you want something unique, ask us about our ability to photoshop backgrounds to add textures or different colorations.

  • Think about lighting – do you want an edgy, high contrast look? Do you want brightly lit and more glamour-looking? Do you want the “standard yearbook photo lighting”? Do you want one of our unique looks? Do we have current photos on our website that you can point to as examples when we speak on the phone?

  • Think about how you want to use the photos – are you primarily focused on social media? Do you want these photos on wallet-sized or framed sizes? Do we need to provide these photos in a color scheme that is better suited for print? Are we removing the background and throwing the portrait/headshot on white for a badge, business card, or website?

  • Think about wardrobe – how many different looks do you need? If you need a certain background color, will your wardrobe clash? If you are going to be posting to a website, will your wardrobe be complimentary to the website or business colors? If there are other headshots on that site, is there a common theme in clothing, background, or lighting?

All of these things are extremely helpful not only to help you to plan for your shoot, but it will help us ensure we have all of the things we need to make it your best photo session ever. We want to set you up for success, and providing us with as much of the above as possible will help us to do so. A lot of people are used to showing up at a corporate photography venue and just taking a picture. But we find that folks are typically not the most satisfied with the results of those sessions. We want to address absolutely everything, and once again show that we take pride in your smile.

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