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Short Video Highlight

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

We wanted to highlight one of our video offerings in this blog, as we feel that this product is something that should be used to set more businesses apart from the rest in the digital age we find ourselves in.

What this product consists of is basically a baseline of a spokesperson from a company or even an individual outlining the basics of the company or person. This will provide the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) as well as what sets the company apart from the competition. The product begins with whomever the spokesperson is, well lit and with great audio, in either a studio setting or on location at the place of business (or anywhere else). The individual will be giving the interview providing the set answers for the advertisement. We will of course be asking more questions than necessary, and ensuring we cover all of the important topics to address the highlights of the company or individual.

We then continue on to capturing some b-roll, which is basically some highlight footage that we cut to during the interview. This information will serve to enforce some of the words being spoken by displaying the information in a visually-pleasing way. This is layered in with the interview footage to create a nice, cohesive product. All of this will be provided on top of some pleasing background audio when appropriate, and edited together to create a great product.

This can be used on your website as a business introduction, or used in some of the community advertising posts on social media in order to stand out amongst the sea of posters and links. For a great local example of one of our branding videos, which was edited in a stripped-down fashion to match the market, click this link.

You can find more videos we have done on our YouTube Channel:

Message us today with your ideas and requirements, and we will gladly design and capture your highlight video.

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