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End-to-End Branding Solutions!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Skill Capture Media has been going through a rebranding process, as we have seen a significant shift from a very personal and public way of finding and interacting with businesses to a much more digital-centric way of life. We have always offered and specialized in various branding products, and our sister company was focused on video more than photo, but we decided to bring the two together to create a very unique set of products.

We would like to present our new focus: end-to-end brand development. Whether you are an individual or a business, we are focused on developing who you are and what you do into a singular, cohesive message to your customer base. We are your one-stop-shop for everything you need to grow your business.

We will always offer headshots as one of our premium products, and we will do so both in studio and on location. This product line includes actor, model, and business professional headshots. We provide industry-leading retouching for all headshots and portraits taken, and have several blogs outlining what this consists of.

We continue to offer product and food photography services in order to highlight not just who you are but what you provide. We can shoot on location or in studio, have numerous backdrops and scenes to choose from, provide styling options to include an on-location food stylist who would work with your kitchen to provide perfectly prepared food for photography. We also do ship-to-studio product photography campaigns and can meet your every need for that. Where we expand here is that we are now offering video highlights for products as well. We can do b-roll and product highlight footage to add to a broader project or as a standalone highlight or product introduction video.

We are bringing our other video offerings to this company, which includes talking-head video where a singular or multiple people are addressing the audience or each other in order to capture or convey a message. We also offer testimonial video capture where we will go on-location and film customer testimonial for products. We offer short-form video products to capture the customer’s attention and convey all of the highlights of your company, which can be posted on social media or on your website. We have an example of what this could look like here.

We also offer podcasting services to Skill Capture Media, where we can currently provide a podcasting solution on location for up to 4 people. We provide the equipment, we record the audio, we can record video to match the current hybrid podcast model, and we do all editing for the podcast episode. This is all packaged together to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss specific requirements and space constraints for this offering.

All of these services are available today! Contact us to discuss your unique needs, and how we can help you to choose products that will best compliment you and your brand.

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