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Using Style to Target Different Audiences

As we discussed in our last blog post, we are working with Brian’s Place on a new video campaign to help build new clients and maintain momentum throughout the year. We started by opening the doors with a peek into the kitchen in his fish carving video. That video served to give an intimate look into food prep, the care with which Chef Brian prepares his fresh caught fish, and it outlined his star dish – Grouper with Plantains 3 Ways.

An area where Chef Brian is seeing growth and wants to continue to grow is with his lunch service. He offers some fantastic burgers and wraps, salads, and other great dishes (the cilantro goat cheese burger is our favorite!). We wanted to give an idea of what the dining space looks like for lunch, a peek at a couple of lunch dishes, and make it personal with an end-to-end experience from the front door to being served.

Stylistically, we wanted our videography to reflect a different atmosphere than our last post. That was very stripped down and allowed Chef Brian and the fresh fish to be the star of the show. For this one, we wanted to convey an up-beat, warm, happy lunch feeling with our video. We used fast transitions, lots of light effects, and a great song to ensure we conveyed the mood we were aiming for.

We have such a great variety of styles we utilize for our videos that we can match really any mood needed for your business, product, or service. We can also dress up or strip down a video to match your target audience. We use different lengths of video for use in different places – short videos (up to 60 seconds) can be posted directly to Facebook and Instagram, and help to deliver a quick message. Longer format videos are meant for YouTube directly, and so we look to build more content into those accordingly.

We would love to work with you to build the perfect package of videos to enhance your business. Send us a message today and schedule your free consultation!

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