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Why Get New Headshots?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

In the land of online shopping, carry-out, and remote work, it is becoming more and more important to make sure that your online appearance is what you want to portray to potential clients and customers. How better to do that than by having a great headshot. A headshot can portray a friendly demeanor, an inviting smile, and a warming attitude that makes people want to reach out. To achieve this, it’s important to go to a company that knows how to show your best side. There are a number of things that Skill Capture Media does to go above and beyond to ensure we provide a complimentary look.

Lighting is easily the most important thing for any photo, and headshots are no exception. Great lighting brings out the warmth in a person’s eyes, illuminates the face, compliments curves and features, and casts the right shadows to add depth. If a photographer doesn’t master lighting, a photo can look flat (think middle school year book), or a subject can end up with harsh glare on their face from using the wrong light diffuser from too far away, or too much shadow can be cast, making the individual look harsh and unapproachable. These are all issues we see when looking at other portfolios across the Internet.

Posing is an important aspect to a headshot, as a fake smile looks, well, fake. If you have went to get some great “value headshots” and watched a photographer mess with his camera settings for 2 minutes, and then nervously say “alright, ready? 1… 2… 3… SMILE!” then you have likely fallen victim to the anxiety-driven fake smile. During a SCM shoot, the customer is encouraged to be natural, to laugh, to smile, to sit comfortably. When it comes time for shots, we will steer the customer into a good pose, and extract great natural smiles, or get photos as the face relaxes after a good laugh. It’s important to capture the right moments, not just the expected smile a headshot requires. We think it’s important to keep those moments as well, and we send over not just the headshots, but the natural laughing and smiling moments as well.

Editing is a skill that is often undervalued and under-sold. Many value photographers deliver untouched or poorly touched-up photos. We believe over the last 10+ years that we have found just the right balance of blemish removal, skin smoothing, color correction, and sharpening. We think it is important that you receive pictures that look like you, otherwise when you meet with clients, their next thought might be to wonder what else is fake.

We get a lot of comments on pricing, comparing us to the $100 headshot services out there. If you can get the above for $100, that's definitely a steal. But it's just not realistic. We are priced in the mid-range for headshots, as we try to remain competitive while not compromising on quality. Below is a great video that explains headshot pricing, and why you don't want to settle for the $100 bargain-shooter who is just learning to use their camera, or who has not yet mastered lighting.

No matter your need, SCM can gladly address and fulfill those requirements. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs, and if you have three or more people interested, ask about our group rates.

Feel free to check us out on Instagram to stay up to date with current projects!

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