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Information For Headshots/Portraits

What Skill Capture Media aims to provide is not simply a headshot but an experience that will produce high-quality and impactful photos as well as give insight into your own appearance and expressions. We want to work hand-in-hand with you to produce great photos to represent your personal brand. We continually review photos and discuss the expressions produced to dial in on what you want to represent you.
What makes us unique is our service is designed to come to you and capture natural expression in an environment you are most comfortable in. We build this into our pricing for the Tampa Bay to Citrus County area, but are happy to discuss pricing for distance shoots. Contact us with any questions, and we will be sure to design a session that works best for you.
Below you will find our rate information for headshots and portrait sessions. Headshots are designed to be specifically chest or shoulders up, and are typically a shorter session. Portrait sessions can be anywhere from head to toe, and with multiple outfits or lighting designs. Bear in mind that portrait sessions will include headshots, with us providing one headshot photo for free in the photo delivery. The graphic provided outlines what you can expect from any of our photo sessions.

Pricing Starts At







What to Expect.jpg

Group Rates and Corporate Sessions

Our on-site group photo sessions are designed for organizations looking to have a uniform look to their photos. Special care goes into ensuring that, despite the numbers, each customer gets a unique session and the look they desire within the confines of the desired look. We offer one-time rates, as well as discounted follow-up sessions for new employees on the roster. Rates do include a travel and equipment fee, as we require additional staffing and equipment to meet the needs of a larger volume of employee. Contact us for a quote today.

Food Photography

Whether you are a newly opening restaurant or food truck, or a well established local favorite, it's never too late to capture quality pictures of your food. This can help you not only with marketing, but it lets your customers know what to expect when they walk in the door. Would you rather depend on someone's half eaten hamburger on a review, or one of our expertly styled and professionally lit towers of meaty perfection? We have numerous backgrounds, lighting styles, and employ a professional food stylist to make sure your food has never looked better!

Pricing Starts At

Initial Fee (includes 5 dishes)


Additional Dishes/Drinks

ask for pricing

Food Stylist



Senior Photos and More

Yes, we do more than just headshots and food! We are an all-around photography company with experience with everything from senior photos to sports photography to event photography. Give us a call and let’s discuss your needs. We are happy to satisfy all requirements you may have, whether they require studio setups or on-location shooting.

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