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About Us

Skill Capture Photographers Collective

Finding local talent for your every need

The SCPC is your one-stop spot to find a premium quality photographer for your every need. Our goal is to vet and evaluate photographers for consistency, quality and style so that we can provide the community with the best options available, while also serving as a resource to answer questions and provide answers with our collection of experts.


We thrive to train and improve internally to ensure we are always providing a premium product as new methods and technologies continue to enter the market. Ask us about workshops and training opportunities for aspiring photographers, as well as our tiered membership programs.

We work with local vendors to accomplish our various work, and as such, we are always looking to promote those vendors who provide the same premium quality we do.


Our Story

We were founded a group of industry professionals from all over the country with a collective 50+ years of experience. We wanted to create a network of photographers to enhance our craft, while also vetting those and identifying a core group of photographers who make up the “Associate Photographer” recommended artists. Everyone in the collective meets regularly, trains on best practices and new techniques, and are constantly evaluated for continued quality. 


We strive to continue to build the collective into a tiered system, allowing new artists to learn from the expertise of the Associate core, and building new recommended photographers across Florida.


Our Preferred Vendors

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Skill Capture Photographers Collective


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