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SCPC Overview

Mission Statement


The Skill Capture Photography Collective was established as a singular point of reference for consumers to identify the best photographers in a given market segment without having to search for references, excessively window shop or risk hiring a poor-quality service due to lack of market knowledge. 


From a photographer’s perspective, the Collective provides a direct referral source, minimizes ad-spend as the Collective provides direct advertising for the Collective’s members and serves as a one-stop-shop for propagation of blog posts, training, events, seminars and featured deals. 




The Collective consists of a tiered membership system, allowing for those who produce consistently high-quality work to be highlighted, while also creating a program for general members to learn and grow in their craft.


Associate Partner members will be featured as premium referral points for all community requests. Associate Partners are selected by the Board to represent the Collective. 


General members of the Collective are able to take full advantage of the training opportunities and visibility provided. General members can provide their work in their portfolio page, and apply monthly for a photo review. Those who are providing consistent work are then selected as Associate Partners. There will be advanced workshops offered twice a year that are an additional fee for all members.


Community members sign up for free, and are able to see all of the referred photographers within the Collective. Community members can submit feedback from their booking of Collective members, and that feedback is evaluated for concerns and issues. General members by default have their pages listed as general members, but should performance be an issue, that listing may be removed until issues are addressed. All other features remain available for all paying members.


Key Features


  • Monthly ad-spend included in Collective membership: Advertising is focused on using the Collective to identify service providers for all photography and videography needs, as well as a vendor repository for other photographers.

  • Internal training: Subject matter experts across all genres come together to host monthly training seminars and workshops to increase the talent and knowledge pools of all members. The Collective wants to be the best version of itself always, and as such depends largely on the strength of its parts. 

  • External training: The Collective will be building up training courses for general members in all aspects of photography, to include photography basics, lighting basics, advanced lighting, genre-specific training, design, color science and more.

  • Forums: A forum will be made available for members to interact and ask questions on anything from gear to pricing and everything in between.

  • Featured web listings: The collective will have a by-genre listing of Associate and General members for the community to be able to browse through Collective members. Associate partners not only have a listing, but their own highlight page for information about their business, portfolio, recent work and links to their social media.


The Collective aims to continue to grow the benefits and features of the program, to include an expanding lineup of discount codes and affiliate links, guest forums and speaker events, themed shoots, community events and so much more.




Members are able to join the Collective for an annual fee of $150. This covers their access to training materials, a listing on the Collective website, access to monthly meetings and photo critiques, and enables monthly consideration for Associate Partner. Fees go towards web hosting, advertising, promotional materials, seminars, training courses, and all of the great benefits offered to members.


The Board


The Collective board consists of a core group of photographers from across the region who are of a consistent premium quality, knowledgeable in all aspects of photography or videography and who are experienced in the field and able to provide insight to community and Collective members alike.

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