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Recording Artist Portrait Session

Recently, we had the opportunity to again work with one of our local recording artists to build out his social media content, generate some quality work for media releases, and develop his look as an artist. We started with a single concept - high quality photos and a black background. He mentioned wanting some unique lighting, some "cool looks" and let me take over and do the rest. We had a great time over a couple hour period, listened to some of his music, and captured what we think were some really great looks.

Where things got interesting is when we started getting artistic with the compositions. We suggested some cropped in looks, some unique lighting, and some different colored backdrops. This particular artist has worked with us on portrait and headshot sessions in the past, and trusts us to help him build his brand. We got some great looks, and then asked to switch up the background paper. He said sure, what color are you thinking? Grey? We said no, ORANGE. After some raised eyebrows and a little bit of disbelief, we put the paper up, and he absolutely loved the look. We hope you do, too.

Take a look below at some of the work from this shoot, and consider us for your next personal branding session, studio portrait session, or headshot session.

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